Save time and money with outsourcing

Why Outsource

At AOB, we believe business owners should spend more time running their business instead of wasting time reconciling accounts.  Outsourcing your accounting functions is a very attractive time and cost saving business strategy.  AOB’s Outsourced Bookkeeping solutions offer benefits such as:

Reduced operating costs

The most compelling reason presented to date is to reduce operating costs by taking advantage of the specialisation that AOB can provide.  Operating costs either have to be passed on to the customer or taken off the bottom line, so any reductions in costs can improve profits and provide a competitive price.

Improved Company Focus

A key reason is to improve the company focus on the core business function allowing you to deal with important matters while having AOB focus on the operational and day to day administrative functions that are not directly involved with your core functions.

Specialised Expertise

AOB is able to offer extensive capabilities in its core competencies providing expert standards and high quality services to small and medium companies.

Staying Current

Keeping up with the consistent and rapid change of financial conditions, markets, competition, government regulations and technologies requires significant investment of resources and dollars for any organisation.  AOB is able to stay abreast of these changes as they are focused on a specialised core business function.

Qualified Personnel

AOB is able to offer personnel qualified for each specific function offered.  The consequences of work produced by unqualified personnel are missed opportunities, uninformed choices, inefficiency and unorganised action.

Pay as used

The benefits of using AOB is that you pay only for what you use.  You can select the specific services suited to your company needs and you only pay for the time needed to complete these services.

Growth Capability

AOB is able to offer immediate capabilities as your company grows.  Growth in an organisation usually requires expanding all its operations, including into a new geographic location and AOB can provide the needed capability where an organisation does not have access to the necessary resources within the company.

Streamlined processes

Processes that are simplified and made efficient present fewer errors, increased flexibility, efficient response times, improved service quality and lower costs thereby improving business results.  As AOB has streamlined processes, it is able to offer efficiencies thereby reducing the costs of common services.